View Full Version : SB3 'lost' by SS

2007-06-28, 11:53

Slimserver 6.5.1 on Qnap has just 'lost' my SB3 (I can browse to SS from my laptop), and remote commands to SB3 aren't recognised / acted upon.

SB3 continues to play a radio station, but I can't stop it, turn it off, or change volume.

Is it possible to get SS to re-recognise the SB3? Or will I have to pull the SB3 power cable to 're-introduce' it?


Mark Lanctot
2007-06-29, 10:15
On the SB3, press and hold left, go back to networking setup. Nothing should have changed but verify that everything is OK. Verify also that the MAC address matches the one printed on the bottom of the SB3.