View Full Version : Tracks occasionally skipped when streaming to remote players

2007-06-28, 07:40
Hi all,

At work I use stream.mp3 to listen to my music collection from home.
Sometimes while playing through a playlist (I generally select an album to
play, and hit the 'Play' option on that album to build up a playlist
containing just that album) a track will be skipped completely.

The track can be played, cos if I go back into the web interface and click
'Play' on the track that it skipped, then it will generally play it. So that
leads me to think it's not a problem with that track in particular.

The only entries in slimserver.log that I see are several instances of:

Premature end of base64 data at
/usr/lib/slimserver/server/Slim/Formats/FLAC.pm line 281.

I suspect these are happening when scanning (my FLAC have ALBUMART tags
which are BASE64 encoded).

Any ideas anyone? Any extra logging I can enable?

It happens so infrequently that I can see it being a pain to track down.