View Full Version : Dead on arrival remote

2007-06-26, 04:10
One of my Squeezeboxes arrived with a dead remote. Is there anything I should look at that could cause the remote not to function? Oddly the box with the dead remote also contained no batteries, it was all sealed though.

Just want to check before I go through all the hassle of an RMA.


2007-06-26, 15:51
Depending on where you actually bought it, you ought to be able to ask for just a new remote without returning the whole thing... but if you've swapped batteries between remotes and tried them on different SBs and the remote still looks broken - then it probably is.

Contact your seller.


2007-07-01, 01:51
Yeah I tried to get just a remote replacement, but Ebuyer cant do that and they insist it has to be a full RMA. Nevermind, hopefully it only takes a few days.