View Full Version : Crossfade + Sleep = Noise?

2007-06-24, 06:18
I've noticed that the combination of crossfade and sleep timer turns out ugly. Crossfade usually works fine, but when adding the sleep timer, it turns the volume up to full just before turning off:

1) One tune would play and about 60 seconds before the end of the track, the sleep timer starts to turn down the volume slowly to zero. With a 10-second crossfade, the next track is mixed in 10 seconds before the first track ends, but by then it's already so quiet that you can't hear it.

2) When the first track ends, the unit *should* turn off. But *what happens is* that the volume jumps up to the initial level and the other track plays for about 2 seconds. Then it powers off abruptly.

3) The experience from that is not a soft sleep power-off but an ugly blotch of sound and then silence. It must be a bug that wasn't found during their internal testing.

(My SB3's are all set to 10-second crossfade (in&out) with per-track gain from software and no SB3 gain processing. This works exceptionally well to create a continuous sound experience, much like a radio station without talk or ads.)