View Full Version : SB without wireless

2007-06-24, 03:26

I'm a proud owner of one of the very first handmade Slimp3. Till now
everything goes pretty well and I'm still happy with the "old" device.
But now I'm thinking to buy a Squeezebox (btw. I don't care about the
Logitech logo - quality, function and support is important). So,m I was
checking the Slimdevice and the Logitech webpage to buy a new SB. Now I
have seen, that only the wireless SB is available. Do they don't have
anymore the wired SB? I know that the wireless one have an ethernet
connector, but I don't want to pay wireless, if I do not need it.


2007-06-24, 05:52
The wired only SB3 has been discontinued; I guess they get a much better margin on the wireless version.