View Full Version : accessing external hard drive

2007-06-22, 21:47
So I got my Squeezebox all set up. It automatically recognized my iTunes and I can easily play everything on there. However I have a 500gb external drive that I want to archive all my cds on in FLAC format for use with the Squeezebox. How can I point the SB3 to my hard drive and not iTunes? I'm running Mac OSX if that makes a difference. Thanks.


2007-06-22, 22:38
Go to server settings, and then basic settings

you need to point your library (set music folder) to:


and then you can go to plugins and disable iTunes if you want

2007-06-23, 19:42
Okay I can get the SB3 to recognize my external drive and the songs on it but it can't play them. I may have done something wrong. What exactly dso you mean "NameOfYourMusicShare" I just created a folder on my drive called my music and put he files in there. Is there more to it? Thanks for your help.