View Full Version : Switching from wireless to wired

2007-06-21, 13:32
I just got a set of homeplugs and hooked them up, but my SB3 is still not connecting properly. Should I do something to switch from wireless to wired?

2007-06-21, 14:11
Hi Kyle,
Have you done any general trouble-shooting to make sure that you have a valid network connection with the HomePlug devices in place?

I think that I might first make sure they are working right...

You might take a laptop and plug it into the same location that you will be using the squeezebox at and make sure that it can get an IP address when it starts up (if it is configured to use DHCP) - and that you can "ping" another computer on your network.

you can type ipconfig at the DOS prompt to find your IP address, and then repeat on another computer on your network - and then see if you can ping <remote ip address> to make sure that the basic network is in place and working.

I've been thinking about using these HomePlug devices myself - my whole house is wired except for 1 room - so I'd like to push my wired network out just a little further... ;-)

Good Luck.


Mark Lanctot
2007-06-21, 14:16
To switch from wireless to wired, unplug-replug and go through network setup again, this time specifying wired.