View Full Version : SB3 Pffft Sound!

2007-06-20, 18:42
I am certain that this has come up before and someone can give me a quick 'duuh' answer.
Running FLAC from SS 6.5.2 on Infrant to SB3 via WiFi with 'excellent' reception.
On ALL tracks I get a pffft sound (almost a swishing or tearing) about every 30 seconds. I have rescaned on the server, rebooted on the SB3 and made sure firmware is up-to-date. Digital output is fixed. Chain is SB3-EMM DCC2SE-McIntosh 501. No problem with digital chain EMM CDSDSE-EMM DCC2SE-McIntosh. Therefore assume issue is SB3/SS only.
Thanks for the help.

Mark Lanctot
2007-06-21, 05:43
Definitely not normal.

Contact support at slimdevices dot com. It sounds like a hardware problem.

Patrick Dixon
2007-06-21, 05:52
Could be that you are hearing wireless interference as the buffer is filled. Does it happen if you connect wired rather than wireless?