View Full Version : Alarm Issue

2007-06-19, 10:59
I run a slimserver 6.5.3 on server 2003 with 3 Squeezeboxes. 2 of them act as a alarm to wake us up in the morning. The first alarm (daily)is working well. The second box only starts showing the song, and i have to push the play button.
any ideas ?


2007-06-19, 11:49
I don't use the Alarm feature myself, but if I understand the way the settings work, I imagine what I'm about to say would be relevant for the Alarm case.

In SlimServer, check your AUDIO options for the specific player that does not play a startup (Player Settings -> Audio).

Then look at the option titled "Power on Resume." Do you have something selected there that would not either continue or restart the song? Such as the "Remain Stopped" option?

2007-06-19, 11:59
my settings are: Pause at Power off / Resume at Power on
The Boxes are SB2