View Full Version : Help reassembling SB3 remote control

2007-06-19, 02:00

Unfortunately my SB3 remote fell on to a tiled floor this morning and split up into several pieces - back, front, batteries, PCB, clear plastic with holes in it and rubber keypad.

Assuming I'm not missing any pieces, it seems that the PCB simply sits in the back, the clear plastic is placed on to it (there are no lugs or anything to hold it, and then the rubber keypad sits on top of the plastic.

Unfortunately, no joy. I have a remote from another SB3 in the house and that works with both players, but the reassembled remote won't do anything with either player. I've checked the batteries are in OK (and the battery connectors are in place). I'm guessing the drop broke the LED or a solder joint.

Have I missed any bits which may have flown across the room? Apart from the tips of the key backs pressing down on the PCB (is this how contact is made, is there a conductive material on the back of the rubber keys??) I can't see there's much more to it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.