View Full Version : malware/virus?

2007-06-18, 20:33
I know this has to be a mistake, but does anyone else use Avast antivirus and have problems dowloading slimserver 6.5.2? I get a virus warning when I try to download, and this hasn't happened before with 6.5.0 or 6.5.1. Odd. Any thoughts?


2007-06-18, 20:44
I run Avast and have never had any warnings go off. Maybe you need to run a virus scan on your machine...


2007-06-19, 02:03
Just downloaded the windows installer and the zip archive of 6.5.2 and scanned with Avast! and found no problems.

Avast version 4.7 Home Edition
Build: May2007 (4.7.1001)
Xtreme Toolkit version:
Using ActiveSkin version:

VPS file (virus database)
Compilation Date: 18/06/2007
File Version: 000750-1