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2007-06-18, 19:13
The network configuration software for my SB3, instead of asking for the Slimserver PC, keeps asking me to hard code the Slimserver IP address. This is my second SB3. The first one installed no problem. The firmware on the second SB3 is 55. The firmware on the working SB3 is 81. What do I do? How can I upgrade the firmware? Thanks.

2007-06-19, 04:34
Once it has been connected to SlimServer once, it will then know the name of the server, and will use that in future in the "Do you want to connect to..." part of the setup.

Once it has connected to SlimServer, the firmware will update automatically. Assuming you have the latest SlimServer version, you should find your SB3 updates to use firmware 81.

The first time you set it up, it should be able to tell what other devices are on your network, but there's no harm in entering the IP address just once.

Once you do enter the IP address once (it's not that hard!) you should find the server name is there in future within the setup details, if you ever need to set it up again.

2007-06-19, 08:40
1. If you type in the IP address of the server it will not show the name of the server.

2. The firmware is never flashed automatically to an SB3. You must press and hold the brightness button to initiate a firmware update.

3. See #1

4. Should be true. However, you will have to select the server by name if you want it by name, because the SB will list the original IP and the named server as two unique entries.

But it should not be required to type in an IP address, regardless of how "easy" it is for me or you. My parents don't have a clue what an IP address is. My fiancee does, but she'd never be able to set up a Squeezebox from scratch, even though she's what I consider above average in technical knowledge. The fact is that to set up a SlimServer and Squeezebox you have to be in a very small percentile of very-much-above-average technophiles.

2007-06-19, 08:42
Unfortunately, the SB3 isn't recognizing any other devices. It gives me two options. Connect to the Squeezebox Network or entering the IP address of the the Slimserver PC. When I enter the the Slimserver IP address, the SB3 fails to connect.

2007-06-19, 08:50
Try to connect to Squeezenetwork. If that works, your basic networking is fine... I would check the server for a firewall that is blocking the SB from finding the server by itself.

If connecting to SN doesn't work, there is some other network problem going on.

2007-06-19, 09:26
I have another SB3 installed and working fine so I'm pretty sure the network is okay.

2007-06-19, 09:35
Right, and assumedly your PC is online, so your network is okay...

But, see, that new SB3 is part of the network. Is the connection between it and other elements of your network okay?

How do you know?

2007-06-19, 09:36
> 2. The firmware is never flashed automatically to an SB3. You must
> press and hold the brightness button to initiate a firmware update.

In recent firmware versions there's an "Auto upgrade" option.


2007-06-19, 11:31
In recent firmware versions there's an "Auto upgrade" option.

The updates from 6.5.2 to 6.5.3 nightlies as well as between various 6.5.3 nightlies (that I've tried) all required brightness to be held. I'm currently running firmware version 81.

Is this auto feature now on by default? Is it a configurable option, and if so, where is it located? Took a quick peek but didn't find it.

2007-06-19, 11:37
If the first SB3 can connect to the PC, then it's not a machine-specific firewall problem.

If this were a wireless connection and failing we'd have more suspects such as router/AP configuration blocking access to that client.

We're assuming the network connection works. Len, can you confirm this? Do connections to SqueezeNetwork work? Using the control panel for your router/AP can you see that the second SB3 is connected to it? It should report success obtaining a network connection anyway, so you can see this on the SB3 itself as well.

Does anyone know if there's an inherent problem with firmware 55 that may make it incompatible with the current SlimServer? if that's the case then temporarily downgrading SlimServer would be a possible solution to get an initial firmware upgrade to take. For instance dropping down to 6.5.1, trying to connect (with the second SB3 only) and then going back up to 6.5.3.

2007-06-19, 12:55
During the network install, the new SB3 connects to my network and is successfully assigned an IP address by the router. Last night while testing access to the Squeezebox network, I went pretty far into the services available but never actually connected to an internet radio station. It appeared like I could have without problem. I was too focused on the the new Slimserver problem and didn't take it further.

In addition, last night, I tried a wired connection to the new SB3 and ran into the same problem with the Slimserver not being found. Also the Slimserver does not see the new SB3.

The SB3 that works is connected wirelessly.

Thanks for everyone's time so far. It is appreciated.


2007-06-19, 13:54
SlimServer not seeing the player is normal. It won't see it until you tell it to connect to the server (and it does so successfully).

Have you emailed Slim Devices about this yet? You'd probably get at least a definitive answers as to whether or not firmware 55 could be the culprit.

I would install an older version of SlimServer on a spare machine temporarily as a test. Or back up all the settings from the current server and install the old one in its place. On the Mac this is super easy to do and I blow away the Slim database on a regular basis anyway - so rebuilding it isn't much of a hassle.

2007-06-19, 15:25
The culprit is the Zone Alarm Firewall. When I turn Zone Alarm off, the second SB3 works. It updated its firmware automatically. When I turn the Zone Alarm back on, the second SB3 doesn't work. The first SB3 continues to work. I will search the site to see if there is a setup solution for Zone Alarm. If anyone can direct me to an answer, it would be appreciated. Thanks.


2007-06-19, 15:39
The problem is solved. I had to expand the range of IP addresses that Zone Alarm would recognize on my network. Thanks for all your help.


2007-06-19, 19:42
Zone Alarm is a hateful piece of software that rightfully belongs only in the rubbish bin, not on anyone's PC. I suppose that's besides the point, but I had to say it anyway.

Now I'll get on my soapbox. Ditch that PC and buy yourself a Mac. Your Slim Server will thank you and in a few weeks you'll thank ME.

2007-06-19, 21:52
I thank you now.


2007-06-21, 21:04
Hey Len, I just hooked up my new SB3 and am having the same problem, and I also have Zone Alarm, how do I go about expanding the range of IP addresses that Zone Alarm would recognize on my network? This is starting to get frustrating. I am not super computer literate. I can usually muddle my way through if I have directions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried turning off Zone Alarms, and also allowing the exceptions for tcp, and udp, ports. The squeezebox looks like it has all the addresses and is all setup. Argghh.