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LeVine, Brian E.
2004-01-08, 18:03
Thanks for the tip, RP.

Can anyone familiar with this or someone from Slimdevices explain the set-up
for Windows? I'm not familiar with Perl.....


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From: Richard Purdie
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Subject: [slim] Mp3 tag database

> I'm running the 1/5 build on XP with Slimp3, and I have "Mp3 tag
> set to "cache". However, slimsvc.exe still scans my hard drive every
> boot up. Any tips on what I may be doing wrong?

For that feature to work you need the Storable perl module. I'm guessing
haven't got this.

I'm not familiar with the windows build process so I'm not sure if it
can be
included or not.

Can someone more familiar with the windows builds comment please? Does
ActivePerl include Storable or can it be easily added?