View Full Version : Clean and secure solution for internet access to yourslimserver

2007-06-17, 12:07

I felt the need for the possibility of being able to spontaneously
access my slimserver music files from almost any computer with internet
- And I wanted it to be reasonably secure.
- And I didn't want to install any additional software on the client

I think some of you will be happy with me sharing my solution. (It is no
click-and-install solution - you'll need a little bit of Apache knowledge.)

I just added it to the wiki (SeparateAdminAndStream):

I have another quite clean solution for an apache setup on my Weblog at
http://blog.hanno-stock.de/archives/5 .

My solution allows HTTPS access to the web interface and (almost)
unrestricted access via HTTP to /stream.mp3. The restriction is that you
can only access /stream.mp3 from ip addresses that have successfully
logged on to the HTTPS protected interface in the last 30 minutes.

Since almost every browser supports HTTPS and almost every MP3 player
supports normal HTTP streaming, you can access your music from almost
every computer!

I use mod_python and a very small script. All request handling and
authentication is entirely done by Apache - which should make this a
very robust solution.