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2007-06-16, 06:06
I'm trying to determine how or if Sqeezebox and or Transporter can be used to set up a whole home audio network with several zones, able to play different playlists or sources in different zones simutaneously.

Has anyone confiured either product to do a multi-zone home audio system? If so, I'm curious what components are required. Would you set up a Sqeezebox in each zone and then feed it to a multi channel amp which would in turn power the speakers in that zone?

Where does the Transporter fit into a whole home audio system?

Many thanks for your imput.

2007-06-16, 06:25
SqueezeBoxes and Transporters do essentially the same job, but the Transporter is a higher end product with better analogue and digital output aimed at audiophiles.

You would need either a SqueezeBox or a Transporter in every 'zone' as they can only output one distinct audio stream at a time. You can however output that audio on ananlogue and digital outputs at the same time.

Each seperate device can have it's own playlist/track listing, and can be controlled indipendantly.

units can also be syncronised with each other so combine zones.

Hope this helps.

2007-06-16, 07:00
Each Squeezebox would have to be connected to a preamp/amp which is in turn connected to speakers for its zone. You could do away with the preamp/amp requirement for bedrooms, kitchen etc. if you used active speakers such as the Acoustic Energy Aego-M in these zones.

All Squeezeboxes can play their own playlist/album etc. independent of the others or they can all be synchronized. Each squeezebox will require a wirless or wired connection to the slimserver host.

I don't imagine using a multi-channel amp would be that effective as you would either require very long input cables running from the squeezeboxen to the amp or you would have to have the squeezeboxen located close to the amp and sacrifice the ability to use the squeezebox remote to control the unit, playlists etc.