View Full Version : Problems with 2004-01-08 nightly load

Ian Crockford
2004-01-08, 16:33
I've upgraded to the latest nightly load hoping that this might solve a
long-standing problem since version 5.0 regarding fast forward and reverse.

However, the problem still exists - can some kind person, much cleverer than
me, look into this problem.

When I press Fast Forward on the remote, it moves to 2x speed ok but the
time tune position jumps by about 30 seconds or so (although the music
doesn't tally with this jump). Once I revert to normal speed again, another
jump occurs, and time and time again, I'm virtually at the end of the track
- when I only wanted to skip the first 30 seconds or so!

Also, since the upgrade, I noted that when I skip to the next track, the
display briefly shows "stopped", then updates again with the next track

And finally, when a playlist comes to the end, track one is displayed again,
but with the message "now playing", even though it has stopped.

I'm using Windows 2000 (Perl version) on 2004-01-08 load with 2.2 firmware.

Any thoughts?