View Full Version : SlimServer 6.5.2 Web Login

2007-06-15, 22:25
I updated to the latest SlimServer 6.5.2 including the firmware update.
All went well, I restarted the squeeze box and now when I try to open the SlimServer web interface I receive a username and password challenge. I never had a username/password before or at least I don't remember having one. I reset the squeeze box to the factory defaults, set it up again and still no joy. I have a hardwired network and can ping the squeeze box and the squeeze box finds the computer the slim server is running on.

How do I get to the web interface without login credentials?

2007-06-15, 23:32
Find the slimserver.pref file ... should be in Program Files\slimserver\server if you are on Windows. Open it in Wordpad (not Notepad). Look for the username and password entries - if there is something there then, somehow, you have set these at some point. You can edit the strings to be null (pair of single quotes, you will see other examples in the file).

Or there is the brute force method of deleting and reinstalling!