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2007-06-15, 02:59

Is it possible to tell slim server to prefer one type of file format over another?

For example in my library i have all my cd's ripped to flac but i also have the same files ripped to mp3 for my portable devices.

So is it possible to say to SS if two identical tracks exist play flac version rather than the mp3 one. Or can you say play the one with the higher bitrate for example?


2007-06-15, 05:17
best way is to have seperate directories for each file type. I have a toplevel "music" folder and below it I have a "flac" folder and an "mp3" folder and that way I can point SS to the music\flac directory and therefore it doesn't see the mp3 files.

2007-06-15, 09:37
Yeah i'd thought of doing that but i have some mp3's that i don't have flac's for.

I suppose i could go ane stage further and have another directory just for mp3's that i've got flac's for.

- music
\ flac
\ mp3
- mp3 (converted from flac)

2007-06-15, 12:18
If you use Robin Bowes's FLAC2MP3 script, you can effectively synchronise an MP3 folder with a FLAC folder, so the mirroring is easy. Then you have a separate MP3-only folder (for where you don't have the FLACs, for, err, whatever reason). Make sure that you have SlimServer pointing to a blank directory that just has shortcuts in, and you're away.

However, the ability to recognise the best-quality version of each piece of music should be in SlimServer - if FLAC2MP3 can do it, how hard can it be for a full database app? Maybe file a bug report if you're feeling more energetic than me? :)