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2007-06-14, 23:49
Hello folks. Got my SB3 recently which is excellent. However I have a problem with the wireless connectivity.If I drive the SB completely wirelessly after about the first 90 seconds of music the sound starts to skip and jitter. Both my PC's wireless strength and the SB's wireless strength are showing as strong. If i hard wire just the SB to the wireless router then hey presto, perfect continously. Crap router or any other thoughts? Much appreciated, "Q"

2007-06-15, 01:14
A double hop can often be very problematic... its generally desirable to have only one wireless leap if possible. I think there is a thread somewhere already on the subject but it might take a while to dig out.

Mark Lanctot
2007-06-15, 06:19
Yes - either wire the server to the router or the SB. If you use both wirelessly and you have bandwidth problems this is the first thing you should address.

There are some tweaks outlined here but wiring at least one of them is the first thing you should do:


2007-06-15, 12:57
Wise words gentlemen. Many thanks for the advice. I think I will go hard wired with router to SB to keep portability from my laptop. Thanks again. "Q"

2007-06-15, 13:58
Just as reference, with my slimserver wired and the SB3 wireless, I found that drop outs start to occur around 60% signal strength.