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2007-06-14, 13:28
I'm seeing some weirdness with long gaps between songs. I'm hoping somebody can help me work out what's going on...

I'm running:

SlimServer 6.5.2 (running via systray at logon)
Windows XP SP2
SqueezeBox 3 on wireless

Most of my songs are AAC or MP3.

Playing songs with buffer fullness displayed I see the following behaviour..

- A track plays with the buffer showing 100%
- As the track draws to a close the buffer runs down to 0%
- The track finishes with buffer showing 0%
- There is a 5-10 second gap of silence
- The next track starts with a buffer showing 0%
- The buffer rapidly fills to 100% in the first seconds
- The process repeats for each track

My problem is the unwanted 5-10 second gap between songs.

If I then kill SlimServer from the Systray, start slim.exe from a command line and repeat the test with the same tracks I get different behaviour...

This time the buffer activity is exactly the same with the absence of the 5-10 second gap. Of course this is the behaviour I want and would expect.

The behaviour seems to be reproducible with any set of tracks. No other settings are changed between tests except for running SlimServer from a command line compared to via the systray icon.

I've tried switching on a few random debug switches but since I can't reproduce the issue running SlimServer from a command line they aren't much use.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance.

Ross L
2007-06-14, 17:04
Might have something to do with this:


What anti-virus and or firewall software are you using?

2007-06-14, 17:27
You can enable debug from the Server Setting/Debugging and open a debug log window by clicking on the hyperlinked word "here".

The debuig option to try is d_source - it will time stamp file opening and then starting to play the file.

Some users had problems with Quicktime (used for AAC decode) on Vista where it resulted in delays before playing a file. However if you have problems with MP3 as well, then this is unlikely to be the source.

Are the files on a local drive ?

2007-06-15, 01:08
Thanks to you both for your thoughts - I didn't know how to view debug logs when running via the systray - that was a great help.

I'm running AVG anti-virus and behind a hardware firewall - all files are on local disk.

But it looks like the gaps are being caused by the iTunesUpdate plugin...

When viewing the debug log I noticed entries saying that iTunesUpdate couldn't connect to iTunes - these occurred between songs at the time of the long pauses in playback. Disabling the iTunesUpdate plugin caused the gaps to go away and playback to revert to normal.

So that got me thinking...

And, as usual, it's a case of operator error - I THOUGHT I was running SlimServer at login but I noticed that it was set to run at system start. I'm not sure when this changed - maybe at my last SlimServer upgrade. Switching the systray to run at login (with iTunesUpdate re-enabled) resolved the issues and playback is normal again.

The iTunesUpdate plugin can't communicate directly with iTunes when running as a service at system start - that's a documented limitation. It might be nice if it stopped running if it's in an invalid configuration but if I'd followed the instructions I would have avoided the issue in the first place.

Thanks again for your inputs.