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2004-01-08, 13:30
No mention of Linux being supported?
We all know it works (I assume slimserver was written on it) but they choose
only mention Win & Mac.

Would be nice if they were giving something back to the community too.

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> > > I've been waiting to see more on this one... check out the web ui -
> > > pretty damn close!
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> > That's because they use slimserver. it IS the same web ui.
> Does this mean that SlimServer is a Standard(tm) now? ;)
> I couldn't find on their site - have they released their modifications?
> -D
From their website:
"Expandable: The SoundBridge players use the open-source SlimServer
This software is open to enhancement by end users and third-party
developers, so
new features can be added and functionality enhanced over time."

there is a pic, but no links to any skins that I can find. Its for
now, so perhaps its not all ready for download either. I certianly hope it
be made available.