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Graham Scott
2004-01-08, 10:18
Can I interest anyone in writing a plugin for Audioscrobbler?

If you haven't heard of it, audioscrobbler.com is a fantastic website
which uses plugins for Winamp, QCD, WMP9, XMMS & Foobar2000 to submit
listening info to their website where it is all browsable. You can
compare popularity of songs and find other users with similar tastes to
yours and see what else they are listening to. It's all open source and
the protocol specs can be found here:


SInce all of my listening has now shifted from Winamp to the SqueezeBox,
I was wondering if this was do-able? and if I could convince anyone to
write a plugin since I'm not the most technically-minded person (I'll
just keep working on my skin)

Graham Scott