View Full Version : Looking for a UK 240 Volt Power supply

2007-06-13, 16:36
I have a Us Squeezebox but will be moving back to blighty (the UK) and so I am looking for a 240 volt Power supply.
Where can i get one? how much are they? fo i need an official one or will any 3rd party one do?

2007-06-13, 17:50
Is your existing power supply multi-voltage? Take a photo of the label on the power supply.

2007-06-14, 00:18
If you're still in the US then the easiest thing is probably to buy a UK power supply as an accessory from Slim - that way you will have it to hand when you arrive and won't have to wait too long before the music starts flowing again! $15, according to the prices on the accessories page... yes, you could buy something slightly cheaper after you arrive but why bother?


Patrick Dixon
2007-06-14, 00:46
I have some original SD unused UK PSUs available for a fiver - if you want one email me via the website.