View Full Version : help needed with transfering i-tiunes Playlists

2007-06-13, 03:43
i have just purchased my Squeezebox 3, i have got loads of Playlists on my i-tunes e.g purchased music, gym, - can i tranfer these folders onto my squeezebox so i can listen to certain music? if yes how do i do it!?

thanks, andy

2007-06-13, 07:46
The slimserver just scans the playlists and the music managed by Itunes and after some time (a few minutes) you can access your music.

Check out the options accessible with a web page.
I am not a PC user, on a MAC we have a "Preference" giving you access to this web page, I assume that on a PC you have a control panel.

2007-06-13, 09:06
thanks for the info