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2007-06-12, 12:17
I am looking for a way of displaying different pictures of album artwork on my Slimserver interface. I have done this on a previous version of Slimserver (over a year ago) simply by assigning different filenames to the two pictures but this does not seem to work for me now. I have already emailed customer support but they said it could not be done.

I use the Fishbone interface, and what I am looking for is to be able to display the album cover as the thumbnail sized picture at the top of the Playlist column (the right hand side), but to display an alternative picture in the left hand column when viewing song or album details.

Does anybody know if this can bedone and if so how?


Brian Ritchie
2007-06-13, 16:45
I think that the SlimServer browser help on artwork suggests that you can use different names for the thumbnails and the other artwork (something along the lines of, thumbnail.jpg will be chosen for the thumbnail in preference to cover.jpg, etc.)

-- Brian

2007-06-13, 20:58
You might be better off getting used to having a single image. In the next major version of SlimServer (7.0) the ability to designate a separate thumbnail image has been removed. Probably since thumbnail versions of the fullsize cover artwork can now be easily generated by SlimServer itself.