View Full Version : send the audio output to the squeezebox

eric humbert
2004-01-08, 07:55

I'm on mac os X and I'm interested in buying a squeezebox, but not only
to listen music through mi Hifi system, but also to listen to any sound
comming out of my mac: DVD sound track, virtuel instrument etc...
I know the trick consisting in using Nicecast to convert on-the-fly the
audio of the mac into mp3 and then stream it to the squeezebox.
But i think that this method has 2 big drawbacks: It consumes CPU and
create latency. Also, i'm wondering if it's possible to hijack the main
audio output and directly stream it to the squeezebox, as it supports
uncompressed audio.
Is it possible?
I read about the flac format in the discuss list: this coud also be a
good alternative if flac encoding is less CPU consuming and latency
creating than mp3 encoding.

Please help!