View Full Version : Odd web gui behavior

2007-06-11, 17:03
I recently added a bunch of albums. One of them doesn't show up in the web ui, but does when I use the sb3 interface directly. It's a flac file, all of the tags look ok, there aren't any non-ascii characters in the filenames, dirnames, or tags.

While trying to figure this out, I noticed that my jazz genre cuts off a bunch of artists at the end of the alphabet. The last artist listed on the web interface is William Parker, but there are definitely artists occurring later in the alphabet (it was a Wolfgang Muthspiel record that caused me to notice this). Very odd.

I'm using 6.5.1 still: I was early on that one, and experienced a lot of teething problems, so I've been hesitant to upgrade.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? Think the latest release would fix it?

While on the subject of odd behavior, the compound sort on artist/album seems strange, as well.

I would expect the ordering to be (in pseudo-code, using early returns to get the desired behavior)

int compare (x, y)
return 1 if x.artist > y.artist
return -1 if y.artist > x.artist
// x.artist == y.artist
return 1 if x.album > y.album
return -1 if y.album > x.album
//they're both the same
return 0

This is definitely NOT what is happening in my setup. If I'm on the Bs, and I click the next link, I end up somewhere in the Ms (all I can think is that the compound sort intended is different than the above, or there is a bug here).