View Full Version : apple lossless and stopping intermittently

Steven Moore
2007-06-11, 08:15
Just recently started to use Apple lossless and I have noticed the music would stop for around 2 seconds then start again from the place it left off.
It only happens on Apple lossless, mp3 tracks are fine.
The log shows nothing.
Has anyone else noticed this?

imac g4, 10.4.9, ss 6.5.2, sb1 wired.

Eric Seaberg
2007-06-11, 13:15
It sounds like it's re-buffering. What version of QuickTime do you have? SS uses QuickTime as part of the transcoding process.

Steven Moore
2007-06-14, 06:03
Yes I thought that it was something like that too, running qt 7.1.6.
I'm going to try running it with the buffer displayed and see if I see anything.
The music is on an external fw drive.
The strange thing was when I looked at the perl process the other day whilst the music was playing, it was at around 50% cpu, looking at it now with the music playing it's under 10%.