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2007-06-11, 00:35

Sorry for the thread overload this morning *blush*.

At the moment I have my SB3 connected to my Sony AV receiver with Digital Coax and I noticed when the SB3 starts playing my Sony says PCM 44khz on the display.

Looking at the specs of the Sony it can accept upto 96khz.

From the SB3 specs:

Sample rates: 44.1Khz, 48Khz
Audio format: linear PCM, 16 or 24 bits per sample

I am not an expert on this but in Windows Vista my Audigy 2 ZS can be configured to set sample rates and bit rate outputs regardless of the actual source music. (It defaulted to 16bit at 44100hz, when I changed to 24bit and 48000hz there was a noticable improvement in the sound quality [or maybe it was snake oil :)].

Is it possible to do this with the SB3? Will it make a difference?



2007-06-11, 00:48
The Audigy probably sounds better at 48kHz as it works internally at 96kHz. Therefore, when playing a CD and outputting 44.1, it upsamples to 96 then downsamples to 44.1. If you get it to output to 48, 96 to 48 is a more transparent process than going to 44.1, so will probably sound better.

Upsampling is generally a bad idea. You can't add information that's not there; it can add an illusion of detail but what does that mean? Saying that, I have heard dcS kit upsampling to 24/192 sound great. Either way, upsampling to 48 will make little improvement but quite some detriment.

Changing the bit depth is pointless - your DAC probably does this anyway.

You can try using DBPowerAmp or (I think) Audacity to perform changes to sample rate and bit depth on your FLAC files - see what you think!