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2007-06-10, 13:35

I am hoping someone here can help me get to the bottom of a new problem I think it related to my SB3, well more likely the Wireless Adapter and Internet Connection Sharing.

As some of you might know, my SB3 was a bit of a b*tch to set up but once I had it working perfectly from the PC <> Wifi side of things and the Squeezebox was happy I noticed something very, very odd with my Internet connection.

Every few hours, its happened about 4 times over the weekend my Internet connection just dies (or seems to, let me explain further).

Web browsing fails, Firefox, IE etc nothing will connect to the web and I can't even get to my routers admin pages.

Windows seems to think there is no problem.

Bittorrent dies, but IM (MSN and ICQ) and Logmein and a few other programs which are already connected carry on working fine. If I disconnect them, they then will fail to connect. MSN seems to do a diagnostic and finds everything find accept "port access" as though it can''t access a certain port.

If I open a command prompt, I can still ping both IP addresses and hostnames on the local network and the internet, I just can't seem to establish new connections with anything. Ping will work flawlessly though.

If I reboot the PC, all is well again.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on? Its obviously due to the new Wifi adition but I am not sure why, something due to Internet connection sharing maybe? (as the Squeezebox can access Internet Radio and the Squeezenetwork).

I had a bit of a search on the old google and people where mentioning DNS problems but I don't think thats an issue as I can ping IPs and Hosts fine. I can even ping my ethernet router fine. So I thinking it is something to do with Internet Connection Sharing on the LAN adapter.

PS: I was advised to disable IPv6 protocol in both adapters which I had already done. Also someone in another forum mentioned disabling ICS in the LAN adapter when it happens to see if that clears it. I will try that next time it does it! :)

Any ideas people?



2007-06-10, 19:09
Is there a particular reason you are using internet connection sharing? You have a router, yes? Your internet is DSL/Cable, some form of broadband? Why not have the computers in a network and access the internet via the network?

From what you described in your post it is not likely that SB3 is the problem.


2007-06-10, 23:27
The Wifi Adapter is onboard the motherboard. So in order for the SB3 to get internet access it needs to access through my ethernet dsl modem which is connected to the PC onboard LAN.

Thanks for the reply. I don't think its a SB doing anything, its just something in windows that has changed since I installed the onboard Wifi.



2007-06-11, 07:12
So you don't have a router? Just a dsl modem? If so why not add a router to the mix and use a network setup rather than internet connection sharing? ICS has always be flaky IMO. Are you running Vista on both computers?


2007-06-11, 08:32
Well basically because the motherboard was 140 (I didnt buy it just for its wireless capability but still) and I don't want to spend anymore cash on it if I dont have to.

Both computers? I don't follow? I have one computer, the Squeezebox is connected wireless to the PC via the Onboard Wifi Adapter and the PC is then wired up to a single port etherner DSL modem for its internet connectivity via one of the onboard wired LAN ports.

Surely you can accept that its better to fix a problem if its fixable than just throw money at it. :)


2007-06-11, 10:10
sure..........it is your money :)

Just offering my opinion. I've seen a fair share of ICS setups that are flaky. A true network setup is much more stable. Routers are pretty cheap these days and they do provide a greater degree of security.


2007-06-11, 11:32
I'll bare it in mind if I cant fix it thanks, its definately ICS though, and its defo to do with having the wireless on.

When I have used the SB3 wirelessly for a while and then come back on the PC I have lost the internet connection.

If I disable ICS in the LAN setup my interent comes back, trouble is I can not re-enable ICS otherwise I lose the net again!


Thanks anyway, I will see if I can find a fix.