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2007-06-10, 11:24

I have 2 SB3 and I'm happy with the quality of sound.

I will control the SB3 with Nokia N800 or 770 and the only way to do this is access to slimserver. Correct?

Their are other interfaces to install on slimserver? The interfaces for default aren't user friendly. And it's complex management more that 2 SB3. You agree?

I saw Sonus interface and functionality, and it's easier/more intuitive than Slim Device.

Waiting your feedback...

Best Regards.

2007-06-10, 11:35
Open slimserver and select "server settings" then select "interface". Int he first heading "web interface" there is a list of "skins" you can use. I use the "touchscreen" interface for my st3500 tablet and it works great.


2007-06-10, 11:55
I prefer standard, it might be ugly but arrangment seems ideal, web ui has lots of info onscreen, with the split screen (unlike nokia skin)

2007-06-10, 18:15
I will control the SB3 with Nokia N800 or 770 and the only way to do this is access to slimserver. Correct?

With that device, yes, you're probably limited to the web interface.

With other devices, there are a bunch of options. Most are listed here: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?PluginRemoteControls

Another option that's been discussed here is SlimFX. http://solaristics.net/slimfx/

And Logitech is working on a new platform that seems geared at remote controls: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?JiveArchitecture

2007-06-11, 08:31

I like Nokia 770 and N800, because I can control the automation system too. All I need is a browser as interface.

With the Jive platform what is the result expect? I mean how user friendly will be the interface?

I don't find yet an interface/plugin for slimserver that is easy to management all the SB3 and Transporter that I will have. It's intrusive and few pervasive. I want control all division from my media center. But in some situations I want control easily, see the information about albums (see the pictures) on that spot by a remote control like N800, RC9800I, etc.

In this situation, interface with user, I think that Sonos is better than Slim Devices. Much Better.