View Full Version : Nightly build (for Windows?) - how to install?

Jonathan Statt
2004-01-08, 06:37
It seems there has been no Windows build since 5th Jan. Possibly the build
is failing due to a broken source check-in.


Jonathan Statt

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Simon Turner wrote:

> I'd much rather developers developed new funky things for SlimDevices than
> answered stupid questions like this one but search the list archives and
> site as I have I cannot find the answer.
> How do I install the nightly build on a Windows machine?
> So far I have replaced
> .....\SlimServer\server\slimserver.pl
> with this:
> limserver.pl
> but it does not *appear* to have made any difference.

there should be an exe packaged install file in

it appears to be missing.