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2007-06-10, 00:59
After ripping my CDs to .mp3 using several programs, but mainly Audiograbber, many didn't then have cover art.

I then fetched covers using Album Art Aggregator, and placed the appropriate image file, named cover.jpg, in each of the albums' folders - I use the structure My Music\Artist\Album.

Slimserver doesn't recognise these cover.jpg files, though, even if I do a rescan, i.e the new covers are not being displayed.

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong, what I need to do to get Slimserver to 'integrate' these covers into its database or whatever?

Edit: Apologies, I should've searched a bit more for this info. Just found out that I have to CLEAR and then re-scan my library, for Slimserver to recognise new album art.


2007-06-11, 16:24
Did you scan them into the SlimServer prior to finding the art? If so, I've noticed that it doesn't EVER reload the image from the cover.jpg file unless you totally clear all and rescan. I had a few that were incorrect (I found a better image) and a couple that took a while to find. Rescanning from scratch brought them in.

2007-06-12, 04:36
You may want to batch rename them all to folder.jpg if you ever want to use Moose. SlimServer works with either name, but I think Moose only works with folder.jpg - for me, anyway.

Dr Lovegrove
2007-06-12, 07:12
Yup, as dwilliams01 says, you have to do a total clear and rescan
for slimserver to pick up new coverart properly. A rescan on it's own
isnt enough. In fact, if you play a newly added album before it's been
through a clear and rescan, slimserver will pick up the coverart and
display it, but it wont associate it with the underlying album.

In Moose, if you use the mysql scanning option, it should pick up
whatever slimserver's picked up. If you folder-scan it's slightly
more limited, but should pick up cover.jpg. Having said that I've
not really tested this much as I use folder.jpg in my libraries

- Dr Lovegrove