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2007-06-09, 14:46

I recently did an server upgrade and some of my files do not play anymore. Here is waht I was able to find in the log. Can anybody help me get to the bottom of this?


Adding song index 1 to song queue
Clearing out song queue first
Song queue is now 1
00:04:20:06:81:be: Switching to mode play from stop
openSong on: file:///R:/music/load/Muse/Black%20Holes%20&%20Revelations/03%20-%20Supermassive%20Black%20Hole.mp3
openSong: duration: [] size: [4850041] endian [] offset: [0] for file:///R:/music/load/Muse/Black%20Holes%20&%20Revelations/03%20-%20Supermassive%20Black%20Hole.mp3
undermax = 1, type = mp3, squeezebox2 = 00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-wma-squeezebox2-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-wma-*-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-wma-squeezebox2-*
checking formats for: mp3-wma-*-*
checking formats for: mp3-ogg-squeezebox2-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-ogg-*-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-ogg-squeezebox2-*
checking formats for: mp3-ogg-*-*
checking formats for: mp3-flc-squeezebox2-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-flc-*-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-flc-squeezebox2-*
checking formats for: mp3-flc-*-*
checking formats for: mp3-aif-squeezebox2-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-aif-*-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-aif-squeezebox2-*
checking formats for: mp3-aif-*-*
checking formats for: mp3-wav-squeezebox2-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-wav-*-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-wav-squeezebox2-*
checking formats for: mp3-wav-*-*
checking formats for: mp3-mp3-squeezebox2-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-mp3-*-00:04:20:06:81:be
checking formats for: mp3-mp3-squeezebox2-*
checking formats for: mp3-mp3-*-*
Checking to see if mp3-mp3-*-* is enabled
Found command: -
Matched Format: mp3 Type: mp3 Command: -
openSong: this is an mp3 file: file:///R:/music/load/Muse/Black%20Holes%20&%20Revelations/03%20-%20Supermassive%20Black%20Hole.mp3
file type: mp3 format: mp3 inrate: 0 maxRate: 0
command: -
openSong: opening file R:\music\load\Muse\Black Holes & Revelations\03 - Supermassive Black Hole.mp3
openSong: Streaming with format: mp3
openSong: Can't open [file:///R:/music/load/Muse/Black%20Holes%20&%20Revelations/03%20-%20Supermassive%20Black%20Hole.mp3] : Bad file descriptor
playmode: No more valid tracks on the playlist. Stopping.
00:04:20:06:81:be New play mode: stop

2007-06-09, 18:34

openSong: Can't open [file:///R:/music/load/Muse/Black%20Holes%20&%20Revelations/03%20-%20Supermassive%20Black%20Hole.mp3] : Bad file descriptor
playmode: No more valid tracks on the playlist. Stopping.
00:04:20:06:81:be New play mode: stop

Hrm.. that's a strange error.. I'm not a windows expert, ( I am a linux expert :) but I would run a drive repair util, or possibly clear entire database and re-scan.

What version of SlimServer are you running then/now?

2007-06-09, 20:07
I am not sure what was the old version, but here is the env that I have now:
SlimServer Version: 6.5.2 - 12047 - Windows XP - EN - cp1251
Server IP address:
Perl Version: 5.8.8 MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
MySQL Version: 5.0.22-community-nt

I have re-scanned the library from the scratch completely several times. I also disabled iTunes and MusicMagick in the config.

Windows checkdisk does not report any errors. I also find it very strange that it is able to read ID3 tags while scanning, but then refuses to play the file.

I can play the file just fine in Winamp. This error is actually happening for quite a few files in my library. But then again, other files do play fine....