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2007-06-09, 08:28
I have my setup working properly again but I thought I'd post this in here as reference, just in case at some point someone else runs into a similar issue. Of course the search feature of the BBS isn't going to be helpful finding it, but that's another story... ;)

The story...

Recently I had a problem where my Squeezebox3 would randomly disconnect from the server and stop playing music. The screen would just go black. Sometimes it would reconnect and sometimes it wouldn't (even when manually telling it to connect). It's using a WiFi connection and sits about 5 feet from the router/AP.

This issue could come up after playing music for 6 hours just as easily as having played for 6 minutes. Unplugging and replugging would usually allow it to reconnect and start playing again.

Having done a reset of the unit by holding the ADD button while connecting power did not fix the issue (by itself) but finally allowed me to see what I believe was the cause of the problem.

After resetting I plugged in all the various configuration values including selecting the name of the server to connect to (it was automatically listed by name showing its IP, I did not have to manually enter the IP).

The name of the server I had selected in the configuration was "macmini" running on IP It's the same server that was listed in the "Connect To xxx" option of that top level menu (hold left on remote).

The problem came up again within a few minutes, but since I was still in "figure this out" mode, I decided to view the "Current Settings" as reported by the Squeezebox (hold left until you get to the very top level of the config menu and then scroll up or down to find the "Current Settings" option).

Scrolling down through the various reported settings I came to where it listed the Slim Server... It listed a different server. Here it said "g4server" on IP Hmmmm...

So pressing RIGHT then allows you to type an IP address but not select a broadcast server. This is problem #1 of the menu behavior.

I typed in the macmini IP address, and now it listed the server as "" on IP instead of by name.

Again with the "Connect to xxx" I selected macmini by name and then went back to look at the "Current Settings."

Guess what it listed for server? g4server again.

At this point the music would play properly from macmini but eventually the disconnect problem would come back.

g4server was the original Slimserver I set everything up with. more recently I moved everything over to a macmini but neglected to disable the server on the g4, so both were running. The g4 had its music drive disconnected so it had nothing available to play.

To *finally* fix the issue I disabled Slimserver on the g4 and shut down that machine. Then I went through setup on the SB3 again and selected the macmini.

After this point the macmini server would properly appear in "Current Settings" as well as on the default "Connect to xxx"

The bottom line is that for some reason that SB3 was picking up the g4server entry and including it as the current server even though it was in fact connected to a different server. This seems like a complete corner case with very much an undefined result.

While figuring this out I borrowed a second SB3 from a friend - it had never been set up on my network. While my SB3 was showing this G4 problem, configuring the second unit did not. It correctly listed the macmini server in all locations, even though it saw the g4server as available. It wasn't till I shut down the g4 that I could get my own unit to match its setup though (as mentioned, the reset wasn't enough to fix this).

In summary, if you're going to switch servers, it might be a good idea to shut one down while you reconfigure the SB to connect to the new one. At least check the "Current Settings" to make sure it shows the correct server.

Up top I mentioned a "problem #1" regarding the fact the player did not list the servers by name in the server setting of teh "Current Settings." The second issue is that if you type an IP here when you go back to the top level you will see two server entries. In my case I see this:

Connect to macmini (
Connect to (

As if the player thinks there are two different servers available. It's obviously not consolidating the matching IPs and that's what I consider menu problem #2.