View Full Version : hints on how to scan music in SS ?

2007-06-08, 19:57
Hi All,

Not sure if I can make this make sense.

I have been using itunes on XP for a few years, so lots of playlists, and many many singles, and many many folders. Most of my cd collection ripped at 160kbp, which was fine for computer and ipod. Now with the SB, have almost all my collection ripped to FLAC. So in XP anyway, if I use itunes when scanning my library I get two of every album that was in the itunes library and in my FLAC folder.

Really the only thing I want is a way to get some of my itunes playlists. I have a bunch of singles playlists I would like on the SB.

I booted to XP, went through some of the playlists, browsed to the file, made a shortcut and added it to a folder that would be scanned by SS. Of course Ubuntu SS could not use the XP shortcut, so that was a waste of time.

I was hoping to find a simple way to organize SB, and hopefully keep it somewhat cleaned up. I could add a shortcut to the other music folders, but then would have to slog through everything again to make playlists.

Is there something out there that could make this task simpler?