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2007-06-08, 12:09
God I feel old sometimes. Installed softsqueeze and enjoying it. Thought it would be cool to experiment with different skin. Changed from the initial skin that appeared on install (the black control and transporter) to the first one on the list (the tiny grey player). How the heck to you change back? No sign whatsoever of controls or menu system the initial skin had. Feels like using a completely obscure WinAmp skin created by a 17 year old but totally unintuitive to a 50 year old. Give me the SB skin control back!

Second question. I want to sync two SB players in the house. I see hundreds of references to "synchronize" in the Forum, but people reference it like I know how to do it. Where is it in help file? Can't find. Can someone point me?

Maybe just a dunce day.

2007-06-08, 12:35
A friend of mine got stuck on one of the other skins, wood grain I think, that seemed to have no preferences control and took up the whole screen. Hitting the esc key got out of that and back to something that has a preferences button on the face.

Synchronize settings show up under player settings > audio once you have more than one SB or softsqueeze seen by the server.

2007-06-08, 12:43
Thanks bephillips

I found the insanely tiny prefs button on the "excession" skin and now see how that little rascal is handled. Sound like a whiner, and don't want to, as I love my SB and this forum...great people offering free help...what can be bad with that. The mini rant is about interfaces and making someone think and search and feel silly for not knowing how to do something. Anyway, that is fixed.