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2007-06-08, 10:41
This information might be out there already but I finally got my SB3 to display Chinese song titles. So I want to share the steps I used.

Here is my setup:
SlimServer 6.5.3
Itunes (I don't think it matters)
Windows XP

Here is what make mine works:
Control Panel --> Regional and Language Options --> Advanced (tab)
Under Language for Non-Unicode Programs, select one of the Chinese options. I picked Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.).

After rebooting the computer, everything works like a charm. It doesn't matter if I select to use iTunes in the Slim server settings or not.

Hope this helps...


2007-07-14, 18:28
chungpatrick, many thanks for your sharing. I have been looking for this answer for a while already. It works like a charm!

2007-07-16, 02:29
didn't work at all!

Now my slim.exe won't start and its giving me a bunch of encoding erros.

slim.exe runs fine if I just switch back to English (US) as my locale

what gives?