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2007-06-06, 13:36
I am using the Fishbone skin which allows album listing with different sort options and have found an anomaly as follows-
sorted by album finds 207 albums
Sorted by year, album, finds 207 albums
Sorted by genre, album, finds 207 albums
Sorted by artist, album, finds 157 albums
Sorted by year, artist, album, finds 157 albums
Sorted by artist, year, album, finds 157 albums
Sorted by genre, artist album, finds 157 albums

in other words, if the artist is included in the sort, 50 albums are not reported.

Although the numbers are different, the same effect persists whether I have composer ticked to be included in artist search and however compilation albums are treated.

I have tried clearing the cache & re-scanning several times to no avail.
I have just tried the 6/6 nightly build but the problem is still there.
Anyone have any ideas?

2007-06-06, 22:18
I think that not all tags are correct. I've had also some strange differences and i used M3tag for viewing all my tags of 700 albums and there where several tracks with incomplete tags. I checked all tags and corrected them. Now there is still 1 difference. Before it was more then 100.

2007-06-07, 04:38
I think you are probably right that it's a tag issue.
My tags - album, artist, composer, seem pretty clean but there could be others I don't know about.
I am about to make a list of the missing albums and see if they have something in common. I'll report later.

2007-06-07, 05:19
It's almost certainly unwanted tags that, if you're anything like me, you didn't even know were there! What type of audio files are your using? I had the same problem on my 10,000 (as it was then) mp3s.

1 Backup your files before you start, just in case
2 Download mp3tag. Read the help files, or the wiki on here. Open all of the files, open "extended tags" and remove any you don't want - I just kept title, album, artist, composer, year, genre, track, length

That should sort out any tagging issues

2007-06-07, 09:32
You're right. All sorts of junk.
I'm going to try & be a bit logical and try & find which is/are the offending tag(s). More later...

I've found the problem.
Many of my classical CDs have a 'Composer' tag but no 'Artist' tag.
With the 'Composer' box ticked to 'include Composer in the Artists list for browsing and search' this works when searching by Artist (Composer).
However, the Album list sorted by 'Artist, Album' does not appear to include the Composer as an Artist. These were the missing albums.