View Full Version : Problem connecting mp3 player to password-protected Slimserver remote stream

2007-06-05, 02:37
I'm having difficulty with players - specifically channels in MuSE (http://muse.dyne.org/) but I also had this with VLC - not being able to handle mp3 remote streams from Slimserver when the server has username/password protection.

These players do not seem to accept a URL of the form
and throw up an error.

Are there any other forms of embedding the username/password data that anyone has found to work with this player? Alternatively, is it possible to create a stream that is unprotected when the server is protected? In my case, the player is on the server machine, if that makes any difference.

Obviously the workaround is to limit access to the server to a specific set of IP addresses, but this is not practical in this case (I don't know where I'll be controlling it from).

Thanks in advance - any suggestions welcome!
--Richard E