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2007-06-04, 09:22
I am extremely happy with Squeezenetwork, so much so that I don't bother to switch on my Slimserver any more. I now use Pandora and Rhapsody for most of my listening. I put some personal music on the MP3Tunes Music Locker, but only what I couldn't find on Rhapsody. It was also easy to set up the radio stations I listen to most frequently, including NPR and BBC. I have easy access to everything I like to listen to, and it's easy for me to try out other artists and music when I'm in the mood.

We have a vacation house as well which used to have a sorry selection of cast-cast off CDs (and no radio reception) but now, with a squeezebox and squeezenetwork, I can get everything quickly and easily without having to set up another server.

I'm glad I don't have to run a server all the time, which I found to be a pain in the neck. Having a PC on all the time is a waste of money. I ran Slimserver on a Linux NAS device (the Linksys NSLU2) for a while but there was always a lag with new versions and there were always little bugs to deal with. I'm more than happy to outsource this task.

Yes, uploading to MP3Tunes is a royal pain in the ass. Instead I set up all my favorite albums on Rhapsody and uploaded only the ones I couldn't find.

Ditching Slimserver won't work for everybody but I'm extremely glad I did.

-Setting up favorites on the Squeezenetwork web page is clumsy and not intuitive.
-MP3Tunes is buggy and uploading takes FOREVER.
-No Beatles or Led Zepplin on Rhapsody (!)
-Rhapsody is unreliable. It seems to be inaccessible about once a week.
-Can we get this all running in my car now?

2007-06-11, 16:27
Thanks for the post! I never even thought to take my squeezebox to my vacation house and deliver 1M songs!

Sir G
2007-06-13, 10:13
Well, I purchased two SB3s at a time, but I have yet to find (money for) the country home...

I did find a house I liked, but it was in an area with no DSL (and no hope of ever getting it).

2007-06-14, 21:24
Our vacation house is at 7000 feet in the Sierras. There are only about a dozen full time residents and no cellular coverage but incredibly we've had DSL available for three years.