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2007-06-03, 03:58

I have prevoiusly ripped my complete CD collection to 320 kbps ogg vorbis. Then I got a Squeezebox a couple of weeks ago, and when I try to play my .ogg files on it I somethimes get the "Ran out of decoder data memory" error message. When I get this error message I have to change song to one that works and pull the power plug on the SB to get it to operate again (when you get this you are no longer able to play songs that worked fine before until you restart completely).

If I get "Ran out of decoder data memory" on one song, I always get it on the same song - so it is easy to reproduce.

Does anybody know if there is anything I can do to get rid of this problem?

2007-06-03, 07:01
I searched the wiki and the forums before posting here, but now I found a bugzilla.

This is a known problem:

(Unchecking built in ogg in server settings/file types solved the problem for me - now I can play Motorpsycho again :)