View Full Version : Music Magic & Mood Logic Disabled - Help

2007-06-02, 14:04
When I go into the player information/plugins, it says that both Music Magic and Mood Logic are disabled. This is even though I have them checked off in the server settings/plugins.

Any ideas as to why they arent enabled? I tried unchecking them/rechecking them and restarting the server. No luck.

Help. :)


2007-06-02, 16:17
Make that musicmagic is started before you start slimserver. Moodlogic
may have a corrupted db (happens a lot), so you need to start
moodlogic, wait for it to start and be dome with whatever it might do
then shut it down. Start slimserver up and hopefully it will work. if
not use the command prompt:

c:\program files\slimserver\server\slim.exe --d_plugins --d_moodlogic

As a side note, moodlogic support is not long for this world. The
application has always presented a problem and nothing as been done
with it in well over two years. Moodlogic support wont be in 6.5.3, so
it might be worth simply weening yourself off at this point and focus
on why musicmagic (MusicIP) is not showing as enabled.