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2007-06-02, 06:39

since 2 days I have three SBs. Yesterday I synchronized two of them. At the beginning everything was fine but after about 15 min I noticed some sort of echo. Thirty minutes later they had a difference of about 1-2 seconds. I paused several times but that did not help. I just tried it again and after one hour they had a difference of about 2 seconds. Is there something I can tune so that they do really run in sync?
I'm using 6.5.2 dedicated on a 3GHz linux box so I don't think it's a matter of performance.

Any tips are welcome.


2007-06-02, 08:03
Are you playing individual tracks or internet radio? Internet radio will drift out of sync sooner or later, but slimserver should re-sync at the beginning of each track.

Are you running wired or wireless? Wireless can be harder to sync because of interference from other devices, although again, it should re-sync at the beginning of each track. If you are running wireless, can you temporarily run them wired to see if it works any better?

SlimDevices is aware of the problem. You can vote for this bug (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=259). Also, there is work being done to try to fix this -- there should be a couple threads over in the Developers forum.

2007-06-02, 11:13
Aha, synchronization occurs at the start of each track only. Then I understand because most of the tracks I'm listening to are longer than one hour.
This is bad. I thought they use some sort of checkpoints to re-sync at a relatively fine grain.
Vote for that bug? It is very old. If they did not change it until now, I don't think they will ever change it.

2007-06-02, 12:23
That's not a good assumption. The fact that it's an old bug and that it hasn't been fixed yet merely means that the bug is very complex to fix correctly.

While sync works well in a general sense, there are lots of corner cases: gapless playback, long tracks or streams, multiple classes of device syncing, all of which can break the current implementation at some level. Rather than working around each bug on its own, a complete reengineering of the whole sync process is needed to really fix the root problems. This is no small task, and someone is working on it. Whether it'll be fixed in time to satisfy people is another question entirely, but it's definitely getting attention.

2007-06-03, 06:19
Vote for that bug? It is very old. If they did not change it until now, I don't think they will ever change it.
Like I said, look over in the Developers forum and you'll see that people are actively working on it. You can join them if you're up to it. Like CatBus says, this is a complex issue.