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2007-06-01, 15:31
I have been using iTunes to manage my music for about 1 year and until recently I have not had any real problems. However, recently I have lost about half of the tracks from within Slimserver. All still exist in iTunes.

Rescanning etc., doesn't help. The only changes I have made is to get an iPod nano (never had any MP3 type player before) and sync it up. Also I got WMA convertsoftware to use to convert some of the protected iTunes files.

Any ideas as to what has been corrupted/changed....

Anoop M.
2007-06-01, 16:58
Can you make any tie to the files that are not showing up? Are the only files that do not show up, the files that were once DRM protected?

2007-06-02, 04:45
Can you make any tie to the files that are not showing up? Are the only files that do not show up, the files that were once DRM protected?

There seems to be no relation to the missing files and those that were DRM protected. I don't understand why it finds some and not others. For instance an album will be listed in SS but it will only list 2 or 3 tracks, whereas there should be many more shown which can be seen and played in iTunes?

2007-06-04, 07:31
Do the album titles or any of the songs within the missing albums contain special characters such as accented letters or tildes? If you are scanning your library using the iTunes Music Library.xml file, I have found that any albums containing such characters do not import at all anymore (it used to work).

If this is the case, I have found that turning off iTunes support and just scanning the library directly allows the albums to be imported correctly; however, you will lose tag data that is unique to the xml file, such as your iTunes playlists, so this is only a workaround.

I don't know if this is the same issue as you are having, but I've just emailed tech support about this and am awaiting a response.


2007-06-04, 21:09
I'm encountering the same problem as Minora. My iTunes library has over 20,000 tracks in it, but Squeezebox is only showing 2815. I've tried rescanning the entire database several times, but no luck. And there's no way that 18,000 tracks have DRM protection - maybe 100 have DRM at most. It briefly worked yesterday when I went into iTunes and reset the location of my music files but today they've all disappeared again.

2007-06-06, 12:25
What server version are you running? I've noticed that 6.5.2 seems very buggy due to problems caused by tags. I had a bunch of files that would not show up so rather than changing all my tags, I just rolled back to 6.5.1 and now I can see everything!

See: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4945
I suspect the problem isn't limited to 'Composer' tags....