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2007-06-01, 09:00
This started off as what I thought was a slimserver problem but turns out to be something else. I have two PC's running windows XP, one is my PVR/music server to my SqueezeBox,and the other my genral PC. Everything works fine with these two networked.

Enter my problem: I've been given a laptop running windows 98SE which I intended to use to control slimserver through the IE or run a SoftSqueeze across my network. But the laptop keeps crashing.

I've done a little investigation and found that I can push a file from my genral PC to the laptop and it transfers ok. If I then try to pull a file from the genral PC to my laptop it crashes. It starts trys to transfer the file, stops, the floppy drive rattles and then the laptop shuts down.

Can anybody shed some light on this please?

Pale Blue Ego
2007-06-01, 10:25
Sounds like a problem with Windows networking. Maybe this page can help:


or this one:


Mark Lanctot
2007-06-01, 10:34
I've seen something like that where Windows Networking tries to place the files in the last location they were successfully placed - if that was the floppy, it seeks it out first. If there's no floppy in the drive I've seen Windows 98SE choke up a bit on slower machines - on yours it looks like it crashes.

Could you try putting a floppy in the drive and letting Windows Networking find it? Does it crash with a floppy in the drive? Choose a different location where the copied file gets placed and the next time you try this, networking will try to place the file there.

Personally, since the laptop was given to you for free, I'd try Ubuntu Linux on it. It will be much more secure than Windows 98SE, will look much nicer and will run a bit faster too. The only item of concern is wireless networking - there have been great strides made but the Ubuntu forums are still full of problems. However, networking Windows <-> Linux works very well with Samba, better than Windows <-> Windows in my experience.

Pale Blue Ego
2007-06-01, 13:19
Or if not Linux, maybe put XP or Windows2000 on the laptop. 98SE is just a bad OS.

2007-06-02, 04:15
Hi Mark
You could be on the right lines, last night I managed to transfer a file after much fiddleing, I'd removed the floppy physicaly only to find it them wanted to use the CD drive, but I did transfer a file.

I then tried SoftSqueeze, this played for about 30 seconds then the Laptop crashed again. This morning it still wants to save to the floppy.

I may give the Ubuntu try as I can't see a way of sorting this other than re-installing Windows again.

Thanks to you and Pale Blue Ego.