View Full Version : New competition from McIntosh?

2007-05-31, 14:06
MS750 just announced and only $6K. ;)
The Squeezebox and Transporter seem even more the deal now (though I realize with a HD, the MS750 is after a slightly different market).


2007-05-31, 14:56
The hardware in these devices is uber-simplistic. The biggest design costs come from developing software. No one in the audio market, pro or otherwise, has software to rival Slim's.

The McIntosh device is likely going to stink to high hell. Might as well buy an Olive system. But I can understand that some people might be looking for the trademarked Dr.Frankenstein's lab look of the McIntosh devices. Straight out of a 50's B-movie.

2007-05-31, 17:48
I don't like the idea of having the hard drive inside the unit. Never have and never will. No matter how "silent" they are.

The thing is overpriced, even though it's half the price of the Sooloos system.

Somebody was comparing the Squeezebox to the Commodore Vic 20 on that page. Gimme a break!

I don't care for the Sonos system.

I predict the Squeezebox will become an audio classic. Years from now, people will remember the SB as the device that started it all.

2007-06-01, 11:10
i have an almost exclusively mcintosh 2-channel system, and i would never buy this. while i love the sound of mcintosh gear, and even love its very old-fashioned, 1980's hi-fi looks, i would never purchase a beastie with an internal hard drive. was there any mention of how to backup the data? with a single drive holding all your digital info, it would be worse than horrible to have that drive crash.

i built my own music server from an infrant readynas600 + modified squeezebox2 (bolder cable mods). even with the price of the mods, and a nokia 770 as a remote control, it still was less than 1/2 the price of this mac unit, and is RAID5 protected.

i think mcintosh is appealing to their "money is no object" customers. i couldn't imagine anyone really wanting one otherwise.


2007-06-01, 11:30
Cambridge also has a device such as this one. I think that all-in-one devices like this one are a dumb idea. Computers are cheap and they're easily upgradeable. The Slimdevice approach is a lot smarter, IMO.

BTW, how do you tag your tracks on this thing? Do you have to use that tiny screen?