View Full Version : Hardware failure?

2007-05-31, 12:42
I have a squeezebox 3 and it ran great for the last 15 months. Today when I turned it on, something went wrong. I think it is a hardware problem. The startup screen doesn't display correctly--it flashes for about a 1/2 second on 1 second off, the pixels that form the letters are about 1/3 lighted up 2/3's not. It's possible to make out what it is saying sort of, but not follow through the menus. Then it seems to fail to connect to the network though why isn't
clear because I can't read the display. (I just checked my router logs and the sb connects and then disconnects for reason "timeout, station left.")

I did a factory reset and that has not changed the behavior. (I could just read the words "factory reset"--so I'm sure it worked).

I'm guessing this is a hardware problem and seems to, at least, be a failure in the display and more since it won't connect to the network.

Any suggestions?

2007-05-31, 12:54
I've sometimes had a display turn on and off when there was an IP
conflict (SB somehow got the IP that was allocated to another PC).
Granted, the on/off cycle was not as fast as 1 second in that case.
However, it may still be a good idea to reset your router just to
remove any mixed up configuration that could be going on.

If this was not the issue, you will probably want to contact
support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com to deal with hardware problems.