View Full Version : Looking for a Squeezebox dealer in Atlantic Canada

2007-05-31, 11:38
So i am finally about to take the plunge and get a Squeezebox ( now that I have my Linkstation Pro up and runing - thanks Slimnick.
I am however worried about the tax and import duty of importing a unit in from the States; are there any dealers in Canada where i can get one direct from, i really do not want to go the eBay route either.

Thanks in advance for the Help.

2007-05-31, 12:50
Look for the distributor for Canada on Slimdevices website, and then from them, look for your local dealer. Also, Canuckaudiomart is a good source of info, since I saw some advertising there.

However, now it might be a good time to purchase directly. Canadian price is 359+ + shipping. With the exchange rate and specials going on, direct purchase will cost less. Also, there is no real benefit in buying this thing locally (in my case) - no satisfaction gurantee and for any service issues you still need to send it to the manufacturer.