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Peter Michelson
2004-01-06, 14:30
The computer that is running SlimServer has the MTU set to 1492 (decimal).
This seems like a standard setting. Does the Squeezebox mandate its own MTU
settings? If so, how does one access these settings?


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>Subject: [slim] wireless connection very intermittent
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>It almost sounds like you have your max or min transmission unit set to
>something odd and it can't stream the audio.
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>Subject: [slim] wireless connection very intermittent
>Thanks for your reply and ideas.
>I am unaware of any software I have running on the server that is hosting
>the Slim Server software. I am running an apache web server and a mail
>server, but no firewall software. My router (SMC Barricade) serves as the
>firewall. I have specified under the wireless router's "virtual server"
>settings to allow both the computer running the slim server software and
>squeezebox itself to receive messages over the ports designated in the
>instruction manual.
>Again, I think it is key that I have been able to perform every function on
>the squeezebox EXCEPT playing music. When I hit play, it always reports
>losing contact with the slim server.
>I downloaded the nightly build as you suggested. When I rebooted the
>squeezebox, it asked my to update the firmware, which I did (connected
>directly by ethernet). However, there was no improvement in wireless
>functionality. When I set up networking anew in the squeezebox and arrived
>at the stage where it looks for Slim Server software, I received the
>following error:
>Can't allocate netpages for DLL: 4
>What's next?
> >From: Kevin Pearsall <support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com>
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> >Subject: wireless connection very intermittent
> >Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 11:18:47 -0800
> >
> >Peter,
> >
> >Is it possible that the server you have Slim Server running on may have
> >internet security software that's periodically shutting down the socket?
> >
> >Also, would it be possible for you to try the latest nightly build and
> >if the situation improves?
> >
> >You can download it from:
> >http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/latest/
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Kevin P.
> >
> >On Jan 3, 2004, at 12:59 PM, Peter Michelson wrote:
> >
> >>Follow-up...
> >>
> >>With some persistence, I was able to get enough connect time to navigate
> >>to the signal strength display. When the squeezebox is sitting on top
> >>the wireless router, the signal strength is 92%. However, after a few
> >>seconds of reporting 92%, it reports that it has lost contact with the
> >>slim server software. 4 or 5 feet away, I was able to get additional
> >>readings ranging from 62% to 92%, but always losing contact after a few
> >>seconds.
> >>
> >>This is clearly not just a matter of antenna orientation, but I am
> >>perplexed as to what could be the problem. Any suggestions?
> >>
> >>Thanks.
> >>
> >>
> >>>From: Kevin Pearsall <support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com>
> >>>To: "Peter Michelson" <pete77r (AT) hotmail (DOT) com>
> >>>Subject: wireless connection very intermittent
> >>>Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 13:57:35 -0800
> >>>
> >>>Peter,
> >>>
> >>>You can check the signal strength in Settings -> Information -> Player
> >>>Information -> Wireless Signal Strength from the player UI.
> >>>
> >>>So just get that screen up and try arranging the antenna differently...
> >>>
> >>>Regards,
> >>>Kevin P.
> >>>
> >>>On Jan 2, 2004, at 11:44 AM, Peter Michelson wrote:
> >>>
> >>>>Hello. Thanks for your reply!
> >>>>
> >>>>That is exactly the error message I received ("can't alloc netpages
> >>>>dll:4").
> >>>>
> >>>>How does one check the wireless signal strength in the player?
> >>>>
> >>>>As I mentioned, even if the player is sitting literally on top of the
> >>>>wireless router, I get the same results. If I put the player
> >>>>downstairs, it still seems to be able to show the correct time, which
> >>>>assume it derives from the server.
> >>>>
> >>>>Would it make sense to open up the box and make sure the connect
> >>>>the wireless antenna jack and circuit board is intact? Would that
> >>>>the warranty?
> >>>>
> >>>>Thanks again.
> >>>>-P
> >>>>
> >>>>>From: Kevin Pearsall <support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com>
> >>>>>To: "Peter Michelson" <pete77r (AT) hotmail (DOT) com>
> >>>>>Subject: wireless connection very intermittent
> >>>>>Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 09:42:15 -0800
> >>>>>
> >>>>>Peter,
> >>>>>
> >>>>>Did it say something like, "can't alloc netpages for dll:4"?
> >>>>>
> >>>>>We've seen that particular error in certain configurations when there
> >>>>>is pretty heavy wireless traffic. It seems to happen when the
> >>>>>buffer gets filled before setup is completed. But if you're able to
> >>>>>connect, I suspect this particular error should not be a problem for
> >>>>>you.
> >>>>>
> >>>>>Regarding the other error message, "lost contact with slim server",
> >>>>>what I'd recommend doing is checking the wireless signal strength in
> >>>>>the player. You may be able to boost the signal strength by
> >>>>>reorienting the antenna on the player. You should be able to
> >>>>>that message this way...
> >>>>>
> >>>>>Regards,
> >>>>>Kevin P.
> >>>>>
> >>>>>On Dec 31, 2003, at 11:57 AM, Peter Michelson wrote:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>>Hello. I just received my Squeezebox. No matter what I try, I seem
> >>>>>>to get a very spotty connection and have yet to hear any music.
> >>>>>>is my
> >>>>>>configuration:
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>Win2K
> >>>>>>SMC Barricade Wireless Router with WEP 128-bit encryption enabled
> >>>>>>SlimServer 5.0.1
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>The main error message I get is:
> >>>>>>"Problem: Lost contact with Slim Server. Check that the software is
> >>>>>>running."
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>I have occasionally also gotten a cryptic error message (which I
> >>>>>>remember) with "4" at the end of it.
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>I have had a connection long enough to select a song and play it
> >>>>>>the
> >>>>>>squeezebox, but even though it appears to be playing in the slim
> >>>>>>server, the
> >>>>>>time doesn't change on the squeezebox and I usually get the above
> >>>>>>error
> >>>>>>message right away.
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>Networking seems to be set up correctly as evidenced by the ability
> >>>>>>the
> >>>>>>squeezebox to obtain an IP address automatically from DHCP
> >>>>>>(intermittently).
> >>>>>> Disabling WEP encryption has no effect. The proximity to the
> >>>>>>wireless
> >>>>>>router also does not seem to be a factor as I have them sitting
> >>>>>>next
> >>>>>>to each other. The wireless router has no problem communicating
> >>>>>>other
> >>>>>>wireless devices located several rooms away.
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>At first I thought maybe I just got a defective unit with a bad
> >>>>>>wireless
> >>>>>>transceiver, but the squeezebox is still able to establish a
> >>>>>>connection and
> >>>>>>obtain an IP address from several rooms away.
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>I just tried connecting it directly to the ethernet and that works.
> >>>>>>However,
> >>>>>>since it's intended use is in another room far from any ethernet
> >>>>>>connection,
> >>>>>>I would like to use the wireless capability. Any suggestions on how
> >>>>>>to get
> >>>>>>that working? Thanks!
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>